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Mamma's Recipes & Southern Necessities


Cajun Slow & Smoky Pulled Chuck Chilli
12 hr slow cooked tender beef chilli, stewed overnight and pulled to perfection
Roasted Sweet Potato & Three Bean Chilli    (v)
a homemade hearty recipe with real depth of flavour ... beans, peppers & a blend of southern spices
Lousiana Smoky Sausage Hot Dog
award winning honey glazed pork sausage (big) with creole spices, crispy caramelised onions & pickles
Wild Bills Humdinger Chilli Dog
all of the above! a dinner for champions, you won't be disappointed
Easy Southern Slaw
BBQ Bourbon Beans
Campfire Cobbettes
Shredded Chicken Gumbo
Pickle on a Stick
Jumbo Frankfurters
Beef Sausage Bangers
Smoky Bacon Baps
Ice Cold Beer
(and other stuff)
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Our meat ....
Our beef is locally sourced from our nearby trusted family butchers (that's been running for over 50 years).
These fine aged scotch beef cuts come from the healthy cows in the Scottish highlands.
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in the meantime, try this ...
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