With an American mum and a bunch of family & friends in the Southern US, these visits tied in nicely with road tripping around the Southern states, touring the small characteristic laid back towns, listening to plenty of live music, and eating the fantastic American cuisine.


(if you can get past the mamma's homemade cornbread). 

With a huge passion for the tasty southern food, combined with the love of foot stomping, feel good music....

Bluegrass Bills was born

The idea was to get away from the hustle & bustle and take a step back, bringing these good times and relaxed eating experience back to basics ... creating that Southern hospitality atmosphere, that make people smile when they eat and take time out to stop and say howdy.



and so,

the secret recipe goes a little something like this......


a large cup of good company

a slight tapping of the foot

cold beer (to taste)




the hot smoky smell of

Sweet Southern Comfort Food





Meet Bluegrass Bill ...


A wild child who has spent every summer since he was born, messing around at his Grandma's old log cabin in the boonies of Canada ... 


...having campfires, going fishing, catching crayfish, drinking whiskey, playing cards and heading out to the local bluegrass festivals (which are few and far between).

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